Behind every Cordiz creation is a prototype. It is therefore not uncommon to have unique creations dormant in our workshops.

Whether used during a press shoot, during an event or set aside by our quality control department for defects in material or design, these creations are no less characterful.

In order to compensate for this loss of material, we have decided to dedicate part of our e-shop to “second chance” products.

In accordance with our eco-responsible approach of "nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed", we allow you to acquire these pieces at attractive prices while acting for a more sustainable fashion.

                                          EACH CORDIZ CREATION HAS ITS STORY 

act for

Discover the story behind each piece and give them a second chance.

Let's act together

While there is a wide variety of actions that can be taken on a daily basis, a first powerful lever lies in the evolution of citizens' consumption habits and, reciprocally, the production methods of companies. In other words, consume less but consume better.

If this approach seems to have been adopted or is in the process of being adopted by many, it must necessarily be accompanied by a change in the posture of companies, which in turn have the duty to rethink their creation and production processes.

Thus, we always want to be more sustainable, more committed and more transparent.

"Second chance" fits logically into these new modes of consumption.

Cordiz is the opposite of the 'fast fashion' system which encourages consumers to buy in bulk and at low cost to throw away just as quickly and then start again.

“CONSum less but consum better”