Cordiz is above all a family story.

Marina wants to showcase her father's know-how and strive for perfection in designing luxury leather goods.

It's about passing down techniques enriched by years of experience from generation to generation.

Cordiz aims to remain loyal to the craft while offering collections made for modern-day men and women by combining high-quality leather and genuine craftsmanship.

Our company is committed to protecting the environment because we believe that it is essential to preserve such a noble profession, but also to keep moving with the times.


At Cordiz, we handle leather goods with the utmost care — as if they were works of art.

All our leathers are carefully chosen to ensure raw material of the highest possible quality. The rigorous choice is part of a quest for perfection that we never stop pursuing and is made according to very specific criteria: 

Excellent-quality leathers; 

Skins and hides from leftover inventory; 

Traceable leather. 

Leather is a material that is soft, solid and organic all at once. It adapts, develops a patina, and its tannin evolves. The leather becomes marked by time. Leather transcends generations. It is a timeless asset that is bound to make you stand out.

Saffron aromas with woody notes, as subtle as they are authentic, will sweeten your days.

Premium-quality leather crafted by expert hands makes it possible to design sustainable bags. The idea is to create a beautiful object that is easy to care for and that increases in value over time. That is why we also offer the option of repairing all your Cordiz products, if needed and if possible.


Designing a high-end handbag requires patience and professionalism. Each model is the result of meticulous work and assembly involving a succession of steps: 

  • Making the pattern (drawing the bag model); 
  • Choosing the leather parts and materials; 
  • Cutting the leather pieces; 
  • Assembling the leather bag (a delicate process during which each piece must be assembled as faithfully to its pattern as possible). All seams are handmade for a flawless result; 
  • Inserting the accessories; 
  • Dyeing the slices;
  • Finishes; 
  • Quality control and packaging. 

In our workshop, each step is carried out with particular attention. Making our products is the result of this long process during which our craftspeople put all their passion and ingenuity into creating the piece. 


At Cordiz, a team of passionate pattern cutters give free rein to their imaginations and design original and unusual collections.

The brand's models are made by building on unique and invaluable French artisanal know-how that is recognised worldwide.

Cordiz bags reflect "Made in France" luxury. They echo the quest for harmony, aesthetics and perfection that so well defines the French touch.

All the items that leave the Cordiz workshop stand out on account of being expertly finished. Every detail is carefully considered in order to create a bag with a refined design that combines comfort, elegance and practicality.

The finesse, the precise gestures and the technique with which the leather pieces are enhanced reflect a unique know-how that is constantly developed and improved. Our mastery is based on the solid experience of our team, which comes from various backgrounds and whose combined talents form the DNA of the Cordiz brand.