Cordiz, luxury leather goods

Cordiz was born in 1982 under the initiative of Flavien Dias, a man passionate about leather trades and whose skills are now coveted by the biggest names in the luxury leather industry. 

The venture was initially created as a leather good workshop and it wasn't until five years later, in 1988, that Cordiz became a brand in its own right and made way for a family venture built around passion, sharing knowledge, and manufacturing leather goods. 

Marina Dias became her father's partner at Cordiz in 2020. She guided the brand towards a new artistic focus and breathed new energy into the company. As a young child, Marina was fascinated by the leather work taking place in her parents' workshop. At this incredible playground, she entertained herself by collecting various materials and combining leftover leathers. She treasured any samples she found. To this day, the smell of leather takes her back to her happy childhood memories.

By developing the brand, the family's goal was to offer a range of goods where each product is handmade in France. The Cordiz team designs its products as sustainable items that reflect the company's green values. All our handbags are carefully crafted and intended for any occasion. They are the result of a unique and invaluable artisanal process.


Every day at the Cordiz workshop, a panel of experts works hard to craft high-quality, practical and stylish bags.

We take particular care to choose leathers that allow us to create items that are soft to the touch and that develop patina and a gorgeous finish over time.

The leathers used to make Cordiz bags are carefully chosen based on clear criteria: quality, soft touch, the ‘hand’, the ‘roundness’, the grain, and more.

We design our leather goods in accordance with the unspoken rules of working with leather, a noble and natural material that is magnified in the hands of talented craftspeople. Our bags boast flawless finishes that make them sustainable and they are made to stand the test of time.  This means that every detail is carefully crafted to ensure optimum functionality. When they come out of the workshop, all our bags are subject to a strict quality control procedure to make sure that you're entirely satisfied.

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Cordiz has a policy of sustainable and responsible sourcing. For our collections, we use only materials from leftover inventory that would remain unused or be thrown away otherwise.

Occasionally, raw material cannot be used in its entirety, so our craftspeople and designers are always coming up with new ways to reduce and recycle offcuts.

We believe in the principle of buying less but buying better, so all our collections are limited editions produced in small quantities. At Cordiz, we care about protecting the environment. As far as we can, we make a point of being a part of the changes in the leather industry as regards traceability and the chemicals used in our workshops so that we can offer you a finished product with the most irreproachable quality possible.