Cordiz, a brand of leather goods 100% Made in France, brings a modern touch to the luxury industry, which too often falls victim to its rigid rules. Cordiz is a high-end yet affordable brand that rejuvenates the image of luxury craftsmanship, considered inaccessible on account of its price. Our French brand is reinventing itself — for customers who are concerned about environmental issues linked to the leather industry and are seeking fashion that is more ethical and committed. Our aim is to show that it's possible to consume high-quality yet sustainable French products.

Manufacturing that is 100%  Made in France not only promotes short supply chains and reduces our carbon footprint as much as possible, but also supports and develops the local economy, craftspeople and workshops.

Buying leather goods made in France is a positive initiative that ensures a traceability in the production chain that we consider essential.

By choosing French craftsmanship, you also help protect the country's small and medium-sized businesses from being taken over by international giants. Cordiz wants to remain an independent venture, a family-run business, and above all a human-size company.

Our most sincere wish is to share this vision by giving everyone the opportunity to buy products that reflect their values.

Fabrication Française


Cordiz bags pay tribute to an entire industry's artisanal skills and to the talent of many leather goods makers. 

Through its collections of unique and original bags, Cordiz guarantees quality, authenticity and timeless elegance.  The bags are entirely handmade and are born from the expertise of craftspeople determined to safeguard our ancestral profession.

Model drawing, type of leather, cut, pattern making, choice of reinforcements, part preparation, assembly and sealing, stitching, fitting accessories and finishings: all our bags are designed in a constant strive for high quality and perfection at every stage of the design process. 

We do not outsource — all Cordiz collections are made in our workshop. All leathers and accessories are assembled in the Cordiz workshop by our teams of specialists.

Our leather goods, every detail of which is made with the greatest regard for leather, are designed to last and guaranteed to be as ethical as they are aesthetic.


Cordiz guarantees the origin and traceability of all the leathers used to manufacture its bags.

Combining this raw material with exceptional manufacturing techniques allows us to create sustainable bags. To make our products last longer, the workshop offers a repair service for all your Cordiz items. 

They are made from the highest quality full-grain leathers that will develop a patina and a gorgeous finish with age. They will look stunningly weathered and keep their authentic character over the years. Like any natural organic material, leather must be treated with care to keep it looking beautiful. 

To make your bag last longer, follow a few essential care tips: 

    Store in a dry place. 

    Avoid prolonged exposure to UV light, water and artificial light to prevent discolouration and its appearance from changing. 

    Avoid applying chemicals and products that are not recommended. Choose natural care — we can help!

At Cordiz, we firmly and wholeheartedly believe that expertly made beautiful leather goods have more than one life.