Cordiz workshops

In south-western France in the Tarn department where Cordiz is based, a team of designers, prototype-makers and craftspeople has been working together since 1982 to make high-quality bags entirely by hand. 

For centuries, the region has been an international benchmark in leather work. Tarn is one of France's largest leather tanning centres and many leather goods retailers have set up their business here. Today, France is world-renowned for the high quality of its leathers and the tradition of excellence in this industry. Cordiz demonstrates the same enthusiasm and cultivates an equal level of excellence in its creations.

Training, knowledge sharing, progress

Every new collection allows the brand to reinvent itself, like an eternal new beginning — different every time and a herald of change. At Cordiz, each project is an opportunity to push the brand's limits by developing new techniques, seeking innovative solutions and adapting to all desires in order to perfect its models.

Aware that experience is acquired by sharing knowledge and passing it on, Cordiz guides and trains its employees every day and on an ongoing basis to hone their skills.

A workshop between technology and tradition

In our workshop, craftspeople shape leather with passion and rigour as a way of keeping an ancestral craft alive. In addition to traditional tools, Cordiz workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help shape the brand's various collections. Each piece of leather is meticulously selected and worked to perfection. 

Our craftspeople take into account the leather's roughness throughout each phase of part assembly.

When crafting a handbag, cutting the leather is an essential step and must meet very specific criteria. Our craftspeople choose skins that have the same shades and the fewest possible defects to obtain a perfect end product. Leather goods are like jigsaw puzzles: at the "assembly" stage, they are made up of several pieces of leather that look similar. Next, the craftspeople proceed to stitching, dyeing and finishing by hand — to ensure an impeccable result.

Unique bags

Cordiz stands out thanks to its handmade handbags that bear witness to a continuous discipline at every stage of design.

With years of experience in the high-quality leather industry, Cordiz masters all the stages of creating leather goods, from design to pattern making through quality control to product packaging. 

Luxury leather goods involve meticulous work requiring long hours to shape the leather with care and precision throughout the manufacturing process. The perfectionism inherent in French craftsmanship can be found in all the design stages for our collections. Cordiz strives to create unique bags that bear similarities but are not standardised.

The choice of raw materials is also key. As the skins and hides we use to design our collections come from leftover inventory, we make the most of the losses of other industries in the sector. From the outset, Cordiz has maintained a relationship of trust with its suppliers in order to guarantee materials of the highest quality.

Throughout all the design stages, each detail — no matter how tiny — is carefully considered, with the aim of creating a precious and unique asset that reflects all men and women in one way or another.