Cordiz is a universe that feeds on the world around it. The arts find their full place in the reflection of the collections.

Thus, to mark the launch of our series of interviews dedicated to artists of all genres, we present to you the work of ORIANNE DROUET, stylist and visual artist, who offered us the pleasure of creating some collages putting Cordiz at the heart of her achievements.

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am an insatiable curious person, close to nature and to people. After a degree in foreign languages, I joined an art school specializing in fashion and that's where the world opened up to me, where I began to discover myself and meet my artistic self, it was the beginning of an exploration that I pursue every day. Today, I work in Paris as a stylist assistant with people and companies whose values ​​I share. The profession as such does not really matter to me; Above all, I need to be around people who share my life ethic and certain principles that I believe are essential for a life of good humanity: benevolence, sharing and respect, that's what nourishes me.

How was born your vocation as an artist / your passion - if it is not a question of vocation?

As I said in the presentation, this little seed began to germinate when I started artistic research in fashion school; Then I think I learned to be more and more in tune with my body and my sensations. I also believe that we all have a small seed of art available within us. Just turn it on if you want.

What themes do you deal with in your creations? - What are your inspirations (artistic or other)? your influence?

The living inspires me every moment! What surrounds us, plant and natural materials, light energies; I am very photosensitive, a simple beautiful light can awaken an artistic fire in me! Everything that relates to nature and that connects us to our inner us as a being of flesh but also as an energetic being that we abandon, I believe, in our modern societies. At the same time, I am training in health nutrition and I am learning how it works inside us, it is exciting and very inspiring, it gives me lots of new ideas. I believe that everything is linked, all of this is a virtuous circle of beautiful energies if you listen to them. All this inspires me a lot. The human being in all its complexity is fascinating, which is why I also love reportage photography. I did a photo report in a camp for children during a project and it was great because children have this relationship with themselves which is still very liberated and instinctive, I believe they are a source of inspiration that we should observe and listen to more. I also nourish myself through the work of artists like Camille Juthier, whose fascinating universe I invite you to discover; I also really like the work of photographers like Lucile Boiron, Paul Rousteau or Fred Delangle, the paintings of Cézanne and the watercolors of Ana Zanic; My influences are really diverse ( I spend a lot of time on Pinterest pinning images :) ) but all of them have this somewhat visceral relationship to their work, each of them gives a sincere part of their inner self and I believe that he artist must appeal to something that he/she has in him/her beyond the intellect to be impactful.

What is your relationship to the themes that emerge in your work?

My relationship to what emerges from these themes is very personal; I've been digging around a lot in myself and in my past lately to untangle things that were blocking me; there are still many threads to be drawn because it also awakens wounds whose presence we do not suspect and which we must learn to love while working on them. I think it's important to take care of our emotional part, it's very liberating to do this work. This comes out through my artistic intentions, so they are very scalable, like me :)

For you, Cordiz is...? Your favorite Cordiz leather goods and why?

Cordiz for me is a very nice intention to work from an existing material stored and not used! We can no longer afford to produce endless novelty and that's good because nuggets are sleeping and just waiting for the creative impulse of people like Marina. The leather she uses is of the highest quality. Using stock ends is a virtuous approach to creation today.

My little favorite is the Irène bag. Its opening and its look like a grandmother's bag touch me. The Syrah version is a magnificent piece: this warm color sends me straight to the Moroccan Atlas.


https://oriannedrouet.tumblr.com (stylism) 

https://www.oriannedrouet.fr (art & photographes)