2023, Here we go !

The beginning of a new year is the perfect opportunity to thank you, to thank you for being by our side and to wish you the best and more!

The beginning of a new year is also the perfect opportunity to take stock of the one that has just ended; to list all the small victories, the steps we have climbed without forgetting the challenges we have met. It is also the opportunity to set new objectives, just as motivating, for the year ahead, without forgetting the lessons learned from last year! That's how 2022 ended, on a high note! Yes yes, too fast, with our heads already full of projects to come, while we are just starting this new year:


It's the total redesign of our identity, our website and our packaging. Elegant, qualitative but above all responsible kraft. Without thanking le studio adore for our new DA and Lanaworks for the development of the site.
Shots all cooler than the others with Manon, Justin & David behind the lens of our visuals
It's our first partnership with a reinerupcycling marketplace and the launch of our new collection at the Printemps du Louvre
It's our first collaboration with the sultry Nix @lecourtmansion, a banana signed lecourtmansion x cordiz, worn with a smile by Amele Bent during the fashion week and which we have not finished telling you about for 2023...
It's a team that grows little by little, that supports each other, that learns and that boosts itself continuously in the face of the challenges faced by a young brand
It's the pride of having been spotted, then published several times on British Vogue
It's your kind words, your encouragement and feedback, and your growing presence on the networks
It's an ever more responsible approach and a desire to highlight the MADE IN FRANCE
It is the careful choice of premium leathers to be revalued for the making of new models
It means asserting our convictions, assuming our commercial policy in the face of fast fashion while defending the artisanal work of our workshops and French know-how,

2023 promises to be even more fun and rewarding! Cordiz wants to continue to grow with you and your voice has its place.

With these words, we wish you to ride 2023 as it should be, Cordiz under your arm, on your shoulder or in your bag! We wish you wonders, happiness and more!

Thanks to you all

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