Maroquinerie Cordiz


With their refined, smooth and assertive shapes, Cordiz bags reflect a quest for French-style harmony and simplicity.

Our leather is worked with the greatest regard for ancestral know-how in order to enhance the raw material and retain the warmth and elegance of a touch.

The attention to detail and the flawless finishes bear witness to our experienced team's dedication and excellence. 

Our craftspeople work hard to make luxury items and make us think twice about the design and creation of a product that's meant to live on.

The sought-after quality of Cordiz leather goods makes them sustainable products that stand the test of time. From spring to summer, from autumn to winter — they never go out of fashion.


Cordiz embodies luxury for all women and men who desire it, no matter how different, complex or beautiful they may be. Our bags and their perfect finishes offer a touch of timeless elegance. The collections include models in many colours, styles and shapes inspired by current trends. Apart from being practical, they are designed to appeal to all tastes and desires regardless of how they change with the passing of time, days and seasons.

Because your style is unique and subjective, we tailor to each person's individuality through leather accessories that reflect your soul and attitude. For Cordiz, personality is both inspired and inspiring. 

Maroquinerie Cordiz


Since it was launched, Cordiz has been based in France and the company is keen to maintain a brand defined by its identity and values. All our products are handcrafted and manufactured in limited editions in the workshop belonging to the founding family, in the south-west of France.

Cordiz offers top-of-the-range collections made up of subtle yet distinctive handbags and small leather goods that go well with any wardrobe. Knowing full well that choosing between quality and design is not an option, we craft luxury collections for women and men who live life to the fullest, without compromise or concessions.

Our goal is to make 100% French-made leather goods and to promote the values of responsible consumption. 

That is why we choose whole hides of exceptional quality that come from leftover inventory. To reduce the environmental impact made by our company and therefore by fashion, we reduce waste be upcycling leather. We guarantee you the highest level of quality and sustainability.

Discover the season's iconic models and the latest Cordiz novelties, combining authenticity, creativity, quality and know-how — all made in France.